If you are reading this you are probably wondering what my website is all about Well, that makes 2 of us ! I am of the “old school” and am not comfortable promoting myself but I’m told that is what you have to do if you write a book and want to get readership. Well, I HAVE written a book. The title is “My Halcyon Years…on gossamer wings” and I have thought about writing it for years. Finally (at the ripe old age of 86) I’ve done just that and my book is actually published and on Amazon.

This Website is set up to describe the contents of the book so I won’t belabor it here. If you read on you will know soon enough if it is of interest to you and if it is I would love to get your feedback. We are strangers now, but we won’t be for long once we have established a dialogue.

HAPPY READING Ginnie (AKA: Virginia Dean, author)